February 2018

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THERE IS A HOME BUYING ROADMAP:  Keep your Eye on the Road


Keep your Eye on the Road

Like any journey, the road to new home ownership has a road map. And there are no shortcuts to getting there. Yet many buyers focus primarily on the scenery: looking at homes. This is especially common in an age of virtual tours and real estate websites. The ways they take their eyes off the road ahead include the following:


Mistake:  Going house shopping before you know your budget and buying power

How Much Home Can I Buy?

 Buyers fail to think first about how much they can borrow. This impacts all decisions in the buying process. Know your credit score, which can be obtained online along with

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Mistake:  My home is my castle – they will think it’s a castle, too!

Its’ About Dollars and Sense


So you have decided to sell what was the home of your dreams when you purchased it. The feelings about it and your memories now need to be replaced by a businesslike approach to quickly sell it at the best price.

Mistake:  I can sell it myself and make more money

DIY Sale of My Home?

Even if you have been a master at selling for other people do not sell your home DIY.  You will have a fool for a client.  The commission paid a sellers’ agent can be built into your selling price and passed on to the buyer, who is the one writing the check at closing. And you pay nothing unless your home sells. This also applies to using discount realty

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